Sunday, January 27, 2008

And so it begins...

Dear Sojourner,

Thanks for stopping by to browse through the thoughts that have been shelved in this little library of the mind. The words that commence from this initial post are the notes made in the 8th year of a journey that I began seven years ago. Some of them may be hastily scribbled by the wayside, during times of short stopovers of sudden elation, or perhaps even despair. Others may be written more leisurely, during those ruminative and introspective moments along life's journey when one is able to sit by a comforting fire and think at length on the events and lessons of the day or times past.

Where this journey will eventually take me, I do not know; my only wish is that I will change in that 'upward spiral of growth' along the way, and that I will arrive at the destination a different person than when I set out. As for the route to the destination and what waits along it, those are in Another's hands. But I trust and believe that He is able to get me there.

In any case, I hope you will find something here that is of help to you. Once again, thank you for stopping by.

The Wisdom Seeker